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No matter what your online project demands, whether it's an unforgettable user interface, a unique website design or a rich Internet application; your launch is our mission!

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I’m user friendly Designer

My approach is both intelligent and down to earth. A love for the web, great design and the latest technologies means your project is more than just a job.

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Exceptional design starts by understanding your requirements. We ask questions so as to understand your image, goals, audience, project parameters and desired outcomes.


Now we begin to engage the creativity that is required to start developing focused design routes. Core choices about layout, type size and colour palettes are tested within a number of ideas to identify what works best in order to communicate your goals.

State of the art

Please take the time to have a look around My gallery of works. Solutions that sing and execution to match, our team produce winning results that are as unique as you are.

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Web site Portfolio

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Direct Link : Pepcid

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Direct Link : Mobile Inventor

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Direct Link : Skin Id

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Direct Link : Ethicon Endo Surgery

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Direct Link : Neutrogena

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Direct Link : Horizon Blue

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Direct Link : Cisco

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Direct Link : Radhanathswami

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Direct Link : English 20

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Direct Link : Clinical Expertise

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Direct Link : Kgangs

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Direct Link : Pyra Designs

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Direct Link : Bandvalley model 1

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Direct Link : PerfectTech

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Direct Link : Bandvalley model 2

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Direct Link : Samaa Medical Group

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Direct Link : Ganga designer

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Direct Link : Inbox1305

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Direct Link : SniperIT

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Direct Link : IPod Music

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Direct Link : E-darshan

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Direct Link : E-Pooja

Slide 23

Direct Link : Arunachaleswarar Temple

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Direct Link : Aashwaas Trust

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Direct Link : Infycareer

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Direct Link : Accountant General

Slide 28

Direct Link : Care and Cure India

Slide 29

Direct Link : Bhairi Jeweltech Model 1

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Direct Link : What am i doing

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Direct Link : Bhairi Jeweltech Model 2

Slide 32

Direct Link : Global Arya Vysyas

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Direct Link : V3 Properties

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Direct Link : PA Foot Wear

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Direct Link : Ctenus

Slide 36

Direct Link : Vcare Model 1

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Direct Link : Vcare Model 2

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Direct Link : Vcare Model 3

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Direct Link : Max Entertainer

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Direct Link : Fleet Management System

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Direct Link : Pyra designs

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Direct Link : Epooja

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Direct Link : Karthikeyan

Mobile App Portfolio

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The bricks and mortar

The building blocks for the success of your project. Our services include: Brand Creation, Interface Design, Web Development and Online Marketing.

And that's just the start…

Brand Creation

Your brand is the heart of everything your company stands for. It provides a first impression for your customers and it's you reputation within your industry. Much more than just a logo, we work with you to create a flexible brand identity that communicates, not just decorates.

Interface Design

First things first, we are passionate about design. A bespoke website that communicates your message is important, but ensuring an intuitive user experience is our priority. Whatever the application, we ensure our interfaces are as good looking as they are user friendly.

Web Development

Project execution is our forte and web standards are at the forefront of everything we do. Our developers live and breathe the web, consuming and digesting the latest techniques and web technologies; balancing form and function to deliver smart, accessible solutions.

Online Marketing

So you've got a website, now it's time to spread the word. We can provide you with the tools to engage users with your content; through email marketing, an intelligent use of social networking tools and Search Engine Optimisation, we will help to drive traffic to your site.

I’m based in Chennai, India

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